3 Venezuelan Cheeses you must taste.

In Venezuela, we have a great variety of cheeses, about 30 variables of this delicious food. You can find different textures, flavors, and even a diversity of types of milk. Most of these cheeses are handmade, but some companies make cheeses, such as Chess Whiz, which we will talk about next.

The Cheese Whiz

What is Cheese Whiz?

It is a yellow melted cheese, ideal for spreading on bread, arepas, to mix with other products such as canned tuna. This product is in the world since 1986 and was created in the United States, but its popularity was so great that in Venezuela several versions of it were created, being the most popular the Rikesa and Dalvito.

Because of its popularity, it is common to find it in supermarkets in different parts of the world and our country it is also common to find it in small businesses that sell basic foods called “Bodegas”.

How can we enjoy Cheese Whiz?

This product is commonly served in the morning with fried or grilled arepas and sliced ham, as well as it is common to eat it in the same way but with sandwich bread.

Bread with Cheese Whiz are commonly seen in children’s parties as “Pasapalos” for children and their companions. Also, these pieces of bread are often taken to the beach as a snack for the children.

Now let’s talk about a more artisanal cheese, such as the “Guayanés” cheese.

The “Guayanés” cheese

What is “Guayanés” cheese?

Also known as “Queso de mano” was created in Venezuela between the state of Yaracuy and Bolívia, in the XVI century. This cheese has a consistency similar to Mozzarella, but its flavor is different since “Guayanés” cheese is a little more acidic. For its preparation, it does not need to be pasteurized.

It is commonly found in supermarkets, grocery stores, or delicatessens, which can be found even in the smallest towns in Venezuela.

How to enjoy “Guayanés” cheese?

This cheese is the one that accompanies the famous “Cachapas” and “Golfeados”, but it is also common to eat it with bread or arepas and ham, meat, chicken, or other accompaniments. 

Let’s talk now about a cheese that is not made from cow’s milk, which is goat cheese.

Goat cheese.

What is goat cheese?

This is a great alternative for people who are allergic to cow’s lactose since as its name indicates, goat cheese is made with the milk of this animal. This cheese is handmade in Venezuela, specifically in the states of Falcón, Lara, and Miranda.

This type of cheese is made in various presentations, either similar to the “Guayanés” cheese, “Trenza” cheese, “Paisa” type cheese, but the most commercial is the hard cheese. These are a little more difficult to find since their trade is not so big, but in some delicatessens in the interior of the country, located in the states mentioned above, it is common to find them.

How to enjoy goat cheese?

Thanks to the great variety of cheeses that can be made with goat milk, this cheese can be accompanied by various foods, most commonly with arepas, bread, or cassava. It is ideal to be served at breakfast or with a glass of natural juices or a glass of goat’s milk.

These were some of the variations of cheese that exist in Venezuela, would you dare to try any of these?

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