8 curiosities about Chocolates St. Moritz and its signature product- Flaquito

The chocolate produced in Venezuela is one of the most exquisite and has been recognized by international experts as one of the best. In Venezuela, several companies produce and commercialize this product, and each one of them has its target, brands and distinctive products.

One of the best-known companies in the Venezuelan market dedicated to the production and manufacture of chocolate is Chocolates St. Moritz.

In the beginning, it started as a small store that created chocolates and chocolate figures until it became what it is today, a company recognized for the quality and variety of products they offer. The protagonist of its entire catalog is chocolate, whose base is 100% Venezuelan cocoa from the Barlovento area.

St. Moritz produces chocolate for mass consumption, for confectionery and for different tastes and needs. Do you want to know more about Chocolates St. Moritz? Here we tell you 8 curiosities about this chocolate factory.

What are the main brands of Chocolates St. Moritz?

Flaquito: It is a delicious and crunchy wafer filled with hazelnut cream, covered with a layer of milk chocolate.

Dunga: It is a food spread enriched with vitamins, iron and calcium, with the best chocolate flavor.

Passion Noir: It is a bar of dark chocolate with concentrations of 56% and 70% cocoa and inlaid with almonds or hazelnuts, ideal for enjoying the benefits of chocolate thanks to its high levels of flavonoids and antioxidants.

Chocolatte: It is a bar of fine crunchy milk chocolate with cookie pieces in individual presentation, ideal for snacks or lunch boxes

Grageados de Chocolate: It is milk chocolate or dark chocolate coating with almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, coffee, candied orange or raisins inside.

Sugar-Free Chocolate: It is delicious and creamy chocolate sweetened with Splenda (sucralose) and without aspartame. Its low carbohydrate content is ideal for people with special diets.

ChocoZOO: Especially for the children’s market, these are chocolate lollipops in the shape of little animals.

A la Taza: Ideal for making hot chocolate for those rainy days and cold afternoons.

Froggie: They are half-spheres of milk chocolate with pieces of cookies that make it very crunchy.

Repostería: Includes a variety of chocolate and coating bars ideal for preparing the most delicious recipes. In milk, dark and white chocolate presentations, they are the main ingredient when preparing cakes, brownies, truffles, mousse and any pastry recipe.

Who created the company Chocolates St. Moritz?

Mr. Epelbaum, a native of Israel, who arrived in Venezuela in 1959, was the founder. He started with a small grocery and cleaning products store in Catia, then went into the fast-food business with the Troppi Burger, Pizza King and Mr. Donuts stores in the Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco fair and later opened a small chocolate kiosk in the same mall.

How did this company start in the market?

Chocolates St. Moritz was born in the middle of the Caracazo, in 1989, in a time of protests, riots and looting. In the beginning, the raw material was bought from other chocolate factories such as Chocolates Krön and Chocolates El Rey, but it was not until 1989 when they started their own factory in a small place with a dozen people.

At first, the chocolates were handmade by one employee, until demand increased. In 1995 they moved to the headquarters in Palo Verde, today with more than 4,500 square meters between warehouses, factory and administrative area, plus a national distribution system.

To which countries is Chocolates St. Moritz exported?

At the end of 2018, the export of Chocolates St. Moritz to Colombia began, with more than 10 thousand kilos bimonthly of the leading brand: Flaquito. In the future, they intend to reach Spain, Chile and Panama, Caribbean Islands and the Dominican Republic.

What is the best-selling product?

Flaquito, the hazelnut-filled chocolate wafer, is their star product. It was launched in 1998 and this meant the introduction to the mass market. In 2013 they launched Flaquito Nevado, covered with exquisite white chocolate, which had the same success as the original product. Last year Flaquito celebrated 20 years since its creation and represents 95% of the company’s exports.

What are the new products that have been launched?

In 2019, 3 new products were added to the portfolio: barquilate, an economic tablet called Stadium and the 30 years tablet, in commemoration of the company’s three decades. This is a fine tablet with 72.5% cocoa of two typesCacao del Sur del Lago, with hints of papelón, malt and honey, and Cacao de Ocumare, in which floral and fruity notes predominate, with some nutty notes.

What are the healthiest or fitness products?

In 2004, St. Moritz entered the nutritional chocolate market with the Chocolate Without Sugar tablets, in the presentation of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. This was a great event because it offered to Venezuelan people a sugar-free and low-carbohydrate national chocolate, as a substitute for imported brands characterized by their low accessibility and high costs.

What is the contribution of this company to society?

Chocolates St. Mortiz donates the chocolate used to make the handmade Tiki Ticas butter cookies, which are an important source of income for the foundation for abandoned and abused Venezuelan children “Fundana“.

St. Moritz has dozens of chocolate products and presentations, but all of them have something in common: a delicious flavor, excellent smoothness and incredible texture. There is a rumor that says that you start tasting a Flaquito and then you need to try all St. Moritz products. Do you want to find out?

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