Anís Cartujo, drink with Venezuelan flavor

Yes, there are certainly many and varied Venezuelan drinks that you cannot stop trying if you decide to visit Venezuela, but I am going to recommend a very special one for us, young and old Venezuelans, such as Anís Cartujo.

What is Anís Cartujo?

It is a sweet liquor whose price is more accessible than rum or beer. It is made with 30 gl alcohol, natural essence of anise and sugar. It is taken pure or dry, there is also a version bottled with coconut milk.

Popular beliefs:

You cannot drink water after drinking anise, because you will lose your state of sobriety and the “mouse” (that’s what we call the hangover the next day, drunkenness) will have no equal.

Origin of anís.

Anís has been used since Ancient Greece and it is originally from Eastern Europe, specifically the Middle East (Egypt, Greece and Turkey.)

Then its cultivation was expanded to different regions of the world, such as Spain, Germany, Chile, Mexico China and India. Since Spain is the country where experts say, the best variety of star anise in the world is produced.

Curiosities of anís.

Commonly we see the star-shaped anise already dry, but, the truth is that its flowers are a beautiful white color. Then it is allowed to dry and it is given a light tap so that it can detach its fruit.

What can we use anís for? We can use it in:

  • In tea form, it comes alone or in combination to improve digestion. We simply boil water and place the anise or the bag if it is industrialised. Sugar to taste or natural.
  • A glass after a meal facilitates intestinal transit.
  • Complement of sweet and salty foods. It could be a variant as a flavoring of the dish in question.
  • In skin care, specifically in oral hygiene.
  • Elimination of flatulence.
  • Dyspepsia, swelling or nerves of the stomach.
  • Open your appetite.
  • Stomach and belly pain in case of painful periods (in women.)


Can we use anís in times of COVID?

Yes, it is the answer, as it helps in respiratory health to open the bronchial tubes and reduce headaches. In cases of asthmatic people, it helps to reduce coughs and sore throats..

Varieties of the anís.

  • Green or traditional: Serves to alleviate digestive health as it has an oil rich in anethole (aromatic compound). It also contains flavonoids, vitamin C and is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron. phosphorus, magnesium, among others.
  • Star anise: It is of Chinese origin and is the highest quality, its flavor is sweet and like the previous one it has light hints of liquorice. Anethole is ideal for relieving bone pain, for example for people suffering from rheumatism.
  • Japanese anise is perhaps the least known because it is not for human use but as an aromatic essence.
  • Anise from Florence: Also known as fennel, originally from the Mediterranean Sea and the most used in culinary art. In addition to possessing anethole. It has other components that contribute to improve carminative (gas reduction) and diuretic properties.

Finally, an aniseed candy is liked even by the smallest of the house. It also helps to reduce bad breath (halitosis), recommended to avoid those moments of very close encounters with the people we love.By the way, do not forget that you still have to maintain social distance.

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