Battle of the Titans (Cheese tris vs Pepitos)

Some of the tastiest snacks are always present at every party. The soft pepitos that every child love, flavored with cheese and made with corn dough. Or the incredible cheese tris that every adult eats while enjoying before chopping the cake also has an unbeatable cheese flavor.

Of the oldest and most popular snacks in Venezuela, although there will always be a battle between which is richer, more original, or which has more quantity, today we will study them to learn a little more about their history.

Cheese Tris

Created by Alimentos Julas (later named Snacks America Latina in 1989). In 1989 a company was formed which is made up of the Jacks trading company, Savoy trading company, Marlon distribution company, Taobe distribution company, among others.

The PepsiCo company in 2007 expanded its shareholding in the company Snacks America Latina, which from that same year became the 100% PepsiCo company. In 2008 they changed the name to keep the name of PepsiCo Alimentos S.C.A.


They are appetizers sold in Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia, their base is made of puffed corn and covered with a mixture of cheese and in some cases, they add a cheese or bacon-flavored powder. They have a particular shape, which is obtained by extruding the hot corn dough that passes through a die, thus obtaining its peculiar shape. Usually, its shape sticks with an irregular structure.


Originally from Frito-Lay, associated with PepsiCo who is dedicated to manufacturing, marketing, and selling these delicious corn chips, this company also makes chips and other very varied snacks. Mainly puffed corn balls with a corn flavor. Not much is known about these appetizers as they are not as old, and their popularity has not been as exponential as their competitors.

Of the snacks preferred by Venezuelans to enjoy at any time. Classic baked corn sticks with their unique cheesy flavor are enriched with vitamins and iron.

Pepitos vs Cheese tris

If you must debate or analyze each advantage that each one can offer, you can have a winner in personal areas. Both share some similarities in production, flavor, and characteristics, but, although they share or have some similarities, they still have many differences to consider, which make them totally different.

If you talk about tastes, the main thing that can be noticed is that the pepitos are softballs, practically like eating a cloud of cheese, instead, the Cheese tris are thinner and crunchier. Personally, both are delicious, and you can find them in the best store with all the Venezuelan products that you may need or want to try.

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