Did you know the Typical Venezuelan salty snacks?

Venezuelans love our snacks, these are part of us since we are very small since our parents gave them to us as a snack for school or after arriving from an afternoon of games, and when we reach adolescence or adulthood are still our favorite.

We must emphasize that any of these snacks mentioned below can be found in any supermarket, drugstore, or bodega. Let’s start talking about the “Pepito”:

The “Pepito”.

What is the “Pepito”?

They are baked corn sticks with cheese flavor, with a crunchy texture but at the same time very soft.

It is considered the oldest snack since it has been on the market for more than 40 years and has remained as one of the Venezuelan people’s favorites.

On what occasions can we consume “Pepito”?

It is generally consumed by children after school or as an afternoon snack, but it can be consumed at any time and at any age since it is also very common for adults to consume it in meetings or on trips to the beach.

It is ideal with soft drinks and other snacks such as “Cheese Tris”, which we will talk about next.

“Cheese Tris”

What is “Cheese Tris”?

This snack was invented in 1980 and consists of crispy baked corn sticks covered with cheese flavored powder. Variations of it have been made such as bacon flavor, strong cheese flavor, and spicy.

On what occasions can we consume the “Cheese Tris”?

Like the “Pepito”, the “Cheese Tris” is ideal to eat at any time and at any age. Thanks to its low price and exquisite taste, it is very common to eat it during trips, family reunions, friends’ gatherings as a “pasapalo” or as a snack after homework.

Let’s talk about the “Raquety”.

The “Raquety”.

What was the “Raquety”?

They are squares with a very characteristic racket shape, made of yellow corn with cheese or spicy flavor, with a crunchy texture on the outside but soft on the inside.

They were the favorite of children and adults; their flavor was unmatched as it was not assimilated to any of the other snacks mentioned above.

Unfortunately, it is no longer marketed, but it will remain in the hearts of Venezuelans in the hope that it will be produced again in the future.

On what occasions could we consume the “Raquety”?

This snack was ideal for children’s snacks with a soft drink or a “Malta”, the typical Maltin Polar, although it could also be eaten with water. They were ideal to eat after an afternoon of games in the park or after finishing homework.

Last but not least we have the “Mani Jack’s”.

The “Maní Jack’s”. 

What is “Maní Jack’s”?

They are traditional peanuts, peeled and salted. They have an exquisite crunchy flavor. It comes in different presentations and sizes but the most consumed are the traditional salted peanut and the Japanese style peanut.

On what occasions can we consume “Maní Jack’s”?

Generally, it is consumed by adults as “pasapalo” in meetings or in trips, generally to the beaches of our country.

It is ideal to accompany soft drinks and adults like to eat it when they drink alcoholic beverages. But not only adults consume it as some children also like this snack when they are at the beach.

These were some of the most consumed and preferred snacks in Venezuela, do you dare to try any of them?

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