The true queen of beers Polar is the one who has the crown!

One of the most delicious beers you can try, produced in Venezuela by the Polar brewery, is one of Empresas Polar’s divisions. The Polar Beer is of the Pilsen type and has an alcoholic degree of 4.5º G.L.

In 2002 it was decided to modify its logo for the first time since it was released on the market and it has also been accompanied by large publicity with Venezuelan models known as the Polar Girls.

The characteristic symbol of the brand is a polar bear, so much so that it was decided to make a mascot which would be called Pedroso as an advertising and marketing strategy.



Registered on August 21, 1916, the first Polar beer, after several years, in studies, modifications, and alterations to the launch recipe, finally managed to get a recipe that would make them grow to become the first beer in Venezuela in sales. Part of its great popularity was because it was one of the few national brewers, competing with small regional brewers. It is considered the original polar beer.

In 1999 and 2002 there was a change in the taste of the Venezuelan consumer that caused Polar beer to be displaced from the first place of consumption, so in 2008 Polar Light replaced that place of preference.


  • 330 ml bottle (third)
  • 222 ml bottle (Polarcita)
  • 355 ml bottle
  • 355 ml can
  • 295 ml can


Of the questions that cause many doubts, and you only have the answer before you start drinking, but after a while, you will forget how many you will have counted unless you feel that you took very little. How many beers does a box have?

Polar in its largest presentations, mainly the third one, usually sold in a box with 16 units, although in some establishments you can buy 30 as long as you carry the empty bottles unless you pay extra.

In its most common presentation or in smaller bottles, the box can be found in a presentation of 30 units. The cans on the other hand are in six-pack presentations (6 cans or in much larger presentations, in packs of 24 cans per box.


Different types of Venezuelan Beer.

Polar or Polarcita

By far the most delicious of all beers, with a unique and refreshing flavor for any occasion with friends or family.

Polar Ice

It is a light or light Pilsen-type Venezuelan beer manufactured by Empresas Polar through its Cervecería Polar division.


It is a Venezuelan beer of the premium segment manufactured by Cervecería Polar, one of Empresas Polar’s subsidiaries.


  • The 70s: The popular beer
  • The 90s: Pure flavor, pure Polar
  • The 2000s: Polar yes there
  • Current: Knows about us


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