What do the 7 stars on the Venezuelan flag mean?

Among the patriotic symbols of Venezuela, we have the flag, which has changed throughout history, filling it with meanings that have taken more strength over the years. The elements with meanings of the flag are:

The stars

What is the history of the stars?

In 1817 the flag had a reform in which an eighth star was added, which represented the province of Guayana, which was conquered by Simón Bolívar, the same one who ordered the reform.

After Venezuela decided to leave the Gran Colombia, the flag was again integrated by the seven stars, until 2006 the former president Hugo Chavez added again an eighth star, which was added as thanks for the conquest again of the Guayana sector.

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What do the stars in the flag represent?

The stars used in our flag are made up of five points. These stars were previously used by the Masons. The meaning of these stars in the flag is the representation of the eight provinces that make up Venezuela, which are: Caracas, Cumaná, Barcelona, Barinas, Guayana, Mérida, Trujillo, and Margarita.

Another element that conforms to the flag are its colors, which mean:

The colors of the flag.

What are the colors and their meanings?

The colors of the flag have been given two meanings, the first was given by the Congress of Venezuela in 1819, the yellow stripe represented the people who wanted or loved the Federation;

The blue stripe represented the seas and the separation that this makes between our lands and Spain; The red stripe was a warning to the tyrants who plunged the Venezuelan people into slavery, swearing war to death in the name of humanity.

At present, there is no established meaning in legal articles that give a special meaning to the colors of the flag, but according to heraldic science, the colors represent:

The yellow is the riches that the country possesses; The blue represents the skies and seas and the red symbolizes the blood that the independence heroes shed in their struggles for the peace of our country.

The last element that conforms to the flag is the national shield, its meaning is the following.

The national coat of arms.

What are the elements that make up the national coat of arms?

The sections of the internal part of the shield are called quarters, these are made up of three. 

The first one is located in the upper left part, which is represented by the color red, and in its interior, it has a bundle with twenty ears of corn as a symbol of the union of the States of the Republic and the wealth of the nation.

The second one is the one located in the upper right part is represented by the yellow color, this one has swords and intertwined weapons, which represent the triumphs achieved against the enemy.

And the third one is the one in the inferior part which is filled with blue color, in this one there is a white horse that symbolizes the independence and freedom of Venezuela.

Above the quarters there are two horns full of fruits that represent the abundance, to the sides of the shield there is an olive branch in the symbol of peace and a palm as a symbol of victory, these are interlaced with a ribbon that has the colors of the flag.

On the ribbon appear the following inscriptions: “April 19, 1.810 – February 20, 1.959 – Independence – Federation – Republic of Venezuela”.

These were some of the patriotic symbols of our country, we invite you to know the rest.

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