La Campiña – The most popular Venezuelan milk

One of the best and most well-known milk brands in Venezuela is “La Campiña”, but like some products its invention was thanks to a foreigner, thanks to a Russian.

The characteristic colors are beige and orange, the traditional ones of the La Campiña Milk label, every Venezuelan would recognize it because of its unforgettable design.

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What is La Campiña powdered milk?

It is a set of chemical processes that with pasteurized milk in special atomization tubes gives us dehydrated milk, which is better known as powdered milk.

To obtain it, the water contained in the milk must be evaporated and thus the milk powder will be obtained.

The great advantage of this presentation is that it is not necessary to keep it cold, that is to say refrigerated.

What is the origin of La Campiña?

There is not a story about its origin, but the only information that is known is that it was created in 1802 by a Russian doctor named Osip Krichevsky.

And the Indulac company was in charge of its manufacture and distribution in the country.


What do the initials INDUCAL stand for?

Venezuelan Dairy Industries.

What is known about Indulac?

It was bought by Parmalat, in the same way, they already had a history of more than 50 years in the Venezuelan market, since Indulac had been founded in 1941 as a subsidiary company of Nestlé.

  • In 1943 the first Indulac factory was opened in Santa Bárbara del Zulia.
  • In Food Alerts, as reported, the opening of the Zulia factory led to the development of dairy farming in Venezuela. After this first factory, they managed to open others in Machiques, El Vigía, and El Guayabo.


What happened in 1975?

In that year, through a process of nationalization of basic companies, the capital of this company became part of the State.

 What relationship does Parmalat have with La Campiña?

According to reports in Image Max, Parmalat is an Italian company that was born in 1961 in the city of Collechio, in the Province of Parma.

The industry was gaining a lot of international strength over time.

With 34 years of foundation, this company came to Venezuela through the purchase of Indulac, who were originally the creators of the famous brand Leche La Campiña.

At that time Parmalat also bought the juice brand Frica. Currently, 83.3% of Parmalat belongs to the Lactalis Group, the world leader in mass consumption of milk.

 Currently, by whom is it produced and imported?

Today La Campiña Milk Powder and condensed milk are being imported from Brazil to Venezuela because they are no longer produced in the country, although300-gram until now it was a 100% Venezuelan product.

The cans are made in Costa Rica, and the product is made in Colombia and Brazil. Fortunately, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture guarantees that it is a product that passes all quality controls.

What are the benefits of powdered milk?

  • Provides 8 times more calcium than fluid milk, and that in a single glass that can be absorbed. Powdered milk has the option of being a more concentrated drink, due to the lack of water.
  • A third of its weight is made up of protein and can be digested easier than liquid milk.


Homemade Condensed Milk

Ingredients for 2 Cans

2 cups complete powdered milk (La Campiña)

2 cups sifted sugar.

1 cup cold boiled water

1/2 teaspoon white vanilla essence (optional)


  1. In the blender, add the powdered milk, sugar, cold water, and vanilla essence to taste, mix for 2 to 3 minutes until everything is integrated.
  2. We pour into 2 containers, preferably airtight glass, or plastic, with a capacity greater than or equal to 400 grams, each one is the equivalent of what each can have condensed milk weighs.
  3. We refrigerate it in the fridge for 8 hours, so that the milk has the desired consistency and thickens, equal to a can from the supermarket.
  4. Note: The mixture will be thicker when it cools in the fridge, so it should be something light.
  5. The expiration time or duration is approximately 1 month, inside the refrigerator.
  6. Its usefulness ranges from making cheeses, muffins, to sweeten a rice pudding, adding a sweeter touch to some cookies on top, to sweet bread, etc.
  7. The 400 gram can of condensed milk is equivalent to a 300 gram cup, plus 1/3 cup 100 grams.


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