Do you know which are the most sold products by Nestle in Venezuela?

The Nestle company has been part of  Venezuelan  families since 1886 and currently has 5 factories throughout the country.

This company oversees bringing many of the most important products to the whole country. Some of the most sold products by Nestle are:

Galak chocolate

What is Galak?

It is a white chocolate bar that began to be marketed in 1936 all over the world, making it the first white chocolate in history.

In other countries such as England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, among others, this bar has the name “Milkybar Kid”.

In Venezuela it is quite easy to get it because of its high popularity, you can find it in bodegas, bodegones, supermarkets, street vendors, or bakeries.

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How can Galak be enjoyed?

This candy is usually consumed by children and adults of all ages, usually eaten as a snack or on occasions such as trips to the movies, birthdays, and usually given as a gift to couples, friends, or family.

Now let us talk about Nestle’s second best-selling candy.


What is Susy?

It is a waffle cookie bar with chocolate cream filling. It is quite easy to find in supermarkets, bodegas, food stands, bakeries, drugstores, and more.

This cookie is considered the sister of another incredibly famous cookie called “Cocosette”, the difference is that this one is coconut with a waffle cookie.

How can Susy be enjoyed?

It is the perfect snack for children after a day at school, it is also ideal for decorating desserts such as ice cream, coconut cookies, wafers, among others. It is usually consumed on days when you have a craving, with the perfect combination of a Nestea, which we will talk about next.

The Nestea

What is Nestea?

It is a powdered mixture that is used to be diluted in water and prepare cold tea, it includes sugar and has a variety of flavors, the most popular are lemon and peach, but there is also the patch, tangerine, and lemon-flavored Light, which contains only 40 calories per glass.

We also have the liquid version, which comes already prepared and is purchased ready, this is more common to consume at the time of eating on the street, this is also sold in various flavors such as lemon, peach, and green tea.

These products can be found in almost any store that sells food since its popularity is extremely high.

Besides, it is not only marketed in Venezuela but many places around the world such as the United States, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and many more.

How can Nestea be enjoyed?

It can be considered the perfect drink to accompany any meal, from breakfast to dinner. It is ideal for hot days or at the beach since it is very refreshing and exquisite to accompany it with anything.

Let’s talk about the fourth product which is Maggi condiments.

Maggi products.

What are Maggi products?

The Maggi brand is a product extension of the Nestle company, generally focusing on bouillon cubes, instant soups, and instant noodles. These products are generally used to flavor soups or stews.

How can Maggi products be enjoyed?

Among the many products that the Maggi brand we have:

o Chicken or Ribs broth: These are ideal for quickly seasoning soups, the so iconic “Mondongo” or any stew or sauce you want to prepare.

They come in solid cubes that dissolve on top of the food, also known as “Cubitos” or already dissolved readily to add to the preparation.

o Creams: These are sachets containing a powder that when dissolved in hot water turns into a cream. These come in different flavors such as Cream of chicken, Cream of Corn, and Cream of asparagus.

o Soups: These are powdered supplements to prepare soups quickly, these come with different supplements and flavors such as Rib soup with pasta, Chicken soup with noodles, and Chicken soup with rice.

Almost to conclude, let’s talk about Nescafé, another Nestle allied brand.

Nescafé Products

What are Nescafé products?

This is a brand of instant coffees that are found in many parts of the world and is a favorite for Venezuelans because of its divine flavor.

In Venezuela, there are a few products of this brand such as traditional coffee, Nescafé with milk, Nescafé Savoy Hot Chocolate, and diverse flavors of coffee such as Mokaccino, Cappuccino, Latte, and Vanilla Latte.

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How can Nescafé products be enjoyed?

It is common to find instant coffee machines in coffee shops, bakeries, or some food stores, in these machines we find the coffees that we mentioned before, in different sizes.

There are places where you can prepare your coffee and in others, they prepare it for you.

Generally, these coffees are consumed on cold days, in the mornings before going to school or work. Everyone has their favorite coffee, but the favorite among university students is the Vanilla Latte and Cappuccino.

It is also ideal to accompany it with cookies such as Susy cookies, Marias cookies, or lollipops. If you want a saltier combination, it is ideal to accompany breakfasts such as “Cachitos”, “Empanadas”, “Arepas” or Sandwiches.

Finally, let us talk about Toronto.

The Toronto

What is the Toronto?

It consists of a hazelnut covered with a thick layer of milk chocolate in the shape of a ball. It is ideal to kill the afternoon craving with a small snack that we can get in many places in the country since this little dessert can be found in supermarkets, bodegas, bodegas, and pharmacies.

How can Toronto be enjoyed?

It is the favorite of children and adults to consume it as a snack or to give as a complement to a gift for a special person, whether it is a partner, family, or friend.

Dare to try some of these delicacies and if you have already tried them, let us know how you liked them.



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