What makes Venezuelan food so special?

They say when someone leaves their country, they actually take a small piece of it with them wherever they go. Not only this is true, we can actually see with our own eyes in which way people like to honour the place they come from.

Food is one of the best tokens or symbols that represent entire cultures that gather in communities all over the world just as if they intentionally meant to. We can say that this is the case with Venezuelan food.

This country has the word flavor written in every aspect of their lives: the dancing, the landscapes, the history, the warmth, and of course their cuisine.


Venezuelan food is an eclectic mix of different influences from around the world, bound all together by original flavors and ways to prepare meals.

If there’s something Venezuelans know how to do, is to cook a great dish.

But behind this cuisine that has crossed borders to become one of the most beloved ones around the world, there are many secrets as to what makes it so tasty.

If you want to know a bit more about the secrets of Venezuelan food, the most traditional ingredients and the distinctive flavors, keep reading!

Who rules in Venezuelan food

Venezuelan food, like food in any other country, can be mapped out or broken down into some main elements, on which almost all of the traditional dishes are prepared.

Venezuela, being a Latin American country, is a country with an enormous diversity of fruits, vegetables and even types of meat.

You could say that Venezuelan cuisine is a celebration of the flavors they adopted or took on from different parts of the world.

Venezuelan Food takes inspiration and ingredients from West African, European and even Native American traditions. This cuisine is a real token of globalization in a country.

But who’s the actual boss in Venezuelan food? Well, we couldn’t stick to just one ingredient, because a great deal of dishes are prepared with at least one of the following ingredients.

The first one, and we feel the need to put it in first place for something, is corn.

This is one of the main ingredients because Venezuelans enjoy a variety of snacks and dishes that include a presentation of cooked, baked or fried corn, such as empanadas, tequeños and cachapas.

Other noticeable ingredients Venezuelans like to eat from morning to night time are beans in different presentations, yucca (which is also known as cassava -resembles a sweet potato), and assorted plantains to provide nutritious and filling meals.

The flavors of Venezuelan Food

Now let’s get to the good part, where we talk about the most remarkable flavors that come with Venezuelan food.

Don’t get confused by the fact that most Venezuelans typically prepare fried meals or include some version of fried corn in their food; this doesn’t mean they have unhealthy habits or eat unbalanced.

Venezuelan ingredients are very rich in nutrients and typically don’t include processed ingredients, saturated fats or processed sugars, so even when you’re eating a delicious fried tequeño, it’s still much healthier than snacking on, say, fried mozzarella sticks.

Venezuelan food includes a lot of salty dishes, seasoned with very strong yet flavoury ingredients such as pepper, onion and even salty grated cheese.

Even though you can always find some extra-spicy versions of meals, Venezuelan food doesn’t tend to be that spicy, they like to concentrate on flavors, but don’t be fooled because Venezuelans have a real sweet tooth for gooey caramel snacks.

The fact that many meals and snacks are fried is a real game changer for the flavor of this cuisine, arepas, empanadas, tequeños and even fried yucca are the best example of this.

Venezuelan Food goes through a whole rainbow of flavors to create a real game-changing experience in your mouth.



What makes Venezuelan food the best

Asking around with Venezuelan folks this question is very common: why is Venezuelan food so darn good?

What is it about this cuisine that instantly makes you feel welcome into a different country even if you haven’t left the table?

Although this might sound like a very romantic and emotional question, we can’t help but confirm that the answer is that Venezuelan Food is prepared with the main values that run in every Venezuelan family.

From the most simple breakfast, to the most elaborate meals and passing through popular snacks and candies, Venezuelan food is made with warmth, happiness and lots of love.

There’s something so special about Venezuelan food that, in every bite you take, you can actually feel the influence of different cultures from around the world.

This “international flavor” is present in the spices, the millennial cooking techniques acquired from other places and even the tropical flavors that you could only grow in Venezuela.

This country shares with the rest of Latin America a great legacy that can only result by great countries being conquered by different cultures, this mix of the East and the West can be seen in Venezuela like no other place.

Yes, the ingredients might be the same as in other countries.

But when you’re walking down the street and you hear the words Venezuelan food, you can’t help but feel excited and have your mouth watering a little bit.

It’s no surprise that Venezuelans all over the world are looking for ways to connect with their home through the products they include in their meals, and even looking for their childhood snacks to indulge in them.

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