6 facts about Venezuelan products with History

Something typical of Venezuelan gastronomy is that from the same food product we can obtain an infinity of dishes to be consumed at any time of the day and for any occasion. Some of them are included in the breakfasts, lunches, or dinners of many Venezuelan families, but also in the traditional Christmas dishes and as appetizers in a party or meeting.

They are consumed so frequently and their flavor is so tasty and characteristic that they are never missing in the kitchen cupboard of a house. Today we will tell you 6 important facts about two of these delicious foods: Mayonesa Mavesa and Diablitos Underwood, delicious salty foods that can be used as a spread or added to any meal.

What are these products?

Diablitos Underwood is a canned product made from seasoned pork leg and pork loin. Its quality and exotic flavor are characteristic; besides, the packaging facilitates its consumption inside and outside the home.  When we think “Diablitos Underwood” we immediately remember its advertising spot “The best way to eat ham”.

Mayonnaise is a cold sauce made mainly from eggs and vegetable oil.  Mayonesa Mavesa has a light flavor and a creamy texture that is very easy to spread. The phrase that has characterized this product over the years is “The rich taste of Mavesa!”

What is the history behind them?

The origin of Diablitos Underwood dates back to 1820, in Boston, the United States, when the engineer William Underwood created a preservation method that consisted of packing ground pork in a can and called it “Deviled Ham”.

In February 1896 the product arrived for the first time in Venezuela through Puerto Cabello, and in March of that same year it was already being marketed in the main cities of the country. By 1961 it was produced for the first time in Venezuela, in the state of Aragua, and officially changed its name from “Deviled Ham” to “Diablitos Underwood”. This product has been in the Venezuelan market for more than 100 years, conquering palates of all ages.

Mayonesa Mavesa has been in the market for 70 years, 7 decades of incomparable moments and flavor. Empresas Polar, created in 1941 by Lorenzo Mendoza as a beer production and commercialization business, and later creator of Harina P.A.N, bought Margarinas Venezolanas S.A. (Mavesa) in 2001, including in its production other types of products, among them Mayonesa Mavesa.

What presentations are available?

Diablitos Underwood has several presentations: 50, 100, and 200 gr. aluminum cans ready to open easily and 54 gr. and 115 gr. cans. The same brand produces other variants of Diablitos, such as “Diablisabores”, “Rico Jam”, “Salsa para pastas” and “Dips” ideal for snacking.

Mayonesa Mavesa is available in regular, light, and cholesterol-free mayonnaise sauce presentations. In November 2020, a new presentation of Mayonesa Mavesa with a touch of lemon was promoted, ideal to prepare sauces, salads and to spread on bread or arepa.  Mayonesa Mavesa containers are available in 175g, 445gr, 910gr, and 3.6 Kg presentations.

Where are they currently produced?

Diablitos Underwood is currently produced in the Alimentos Difresca, C.A. plant, located in Cagua, Aragua State.

Alimentos Polar, in charge of the production and distribution of Mayonesa Mavesa, is located in several important locations in the country, and specifically, the production of Mayonesa Mavesa is located in Valencia, Carabobo, in the Sauces and Spreads Plant.

What is its nutritional contribution?

Diablitos Underwood provides protein, fats, and carbohydrates, in addition to vitamin A, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Niacin, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Magnesium. A perfect complement to include in any of the dishes of the day.

Mayonesa Mavesa contributes mainly fats, with moderate consumption of the product flavor is added to different dishes without neglecting health.

What recipes can be prepared from them?

Diablitos Underwood serve as “dips” to nibble on crackers, tortillas, bread or toast while watching a movie or a soccer game. In Venezuelan parties and gatherings, it is characteristic that it is present in some appetizers when mixed with tomato sauce or butter. At breakfasts and dinners, it is very typical to fill the arepa with this delicious product, and it is also used to prepare pasta and pasticho.

Mayonesa Mavesa can be used to prepare all kinds of appetizers and main dishes. It can be added to sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, and hot dogs to add more flavor. In traditional Venezuelan cuisine, it is used as a dressing for Ensalada de Gallina, a typical side dish for Christmas, and is an essential ingredient for the Arepa Reina Pepiada, which has chicken, avocado, and Mayonesa.

Mayonesa Mavesa is very versatile, it can be included in pasta, salads, fish and seafood, meats, cold dishes, and vegetables. It also serves as a base for other sauces, such as pink sauce or tartar sauce.

Diablitos Underwood and Mayonesa Mavesa are products with history and tradition, easily associated with everyday food, celebrations with friends and family gatherings. They are not simply a food product, they are an essential part of Venezuelan traditions, they are synonymous with culture and taste.


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