Curious facts about different presentations of Venezuelan chocolate.

It is no secret; Venezuela has one of the best cocoas in the world. In fact, there was a time when the Venezuelan economy was based mostly on the export of this item.

Venezuelan chocolate is produced from this fruit, which is one of the most consumed chocolates not only in Venezuela but also around the world.

The quality, flavor and distinction of Venezuelan cocoa are so particular that it has been recognized by experts from different countries as one of the best.

Certainly, chocolate is one of the favorite sweets of Venezuelans, especially because we have a great variety of types, brands and presentations of this product.

Today we will be telling you curious facts about Chocolates Venezolanos made with Venezuelan cocoa. We will talk about: Galak, Palitos de chocolate, Rikomalt and Flaquito.


What is Galak?

It is a delicious white chocolate with milk. It is available in several presentations:  single pack of 23g, single pack of 100g, multipack of 4 units of 23g, display of 15 units of 23g, display of 10 units of 100g, and Galak chocolates of 100g. The slogan of this chocolate is “The rich taste of milk with the fun of chocolate”.

What is the history behind this product?

Nestlé was founded by Henri Nestlé in Switzerland in 1866 and arrived in Venezuela that same year.

In 1988, Nestlé bought the Savoy brand, which is considered one of the most important chocolate companies in the world, specializing in candies, chocolates and wafer cookies, and this company began to be called Nestlé-Savoy.

Venezuelan products of this brand are recognized outside the country, precisely because of their variety, quality and flavor.

How do we consume it?

This chocolate bar is perfect to consume at any time of the day, as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. It is commonly seen in movie theaters in Venezuela, as one of the most chosen snacks to enjoy a movie, along with popcorn.

Palitos de Chocolate

What is Palitos de Chocolate?

It is a vanilla-flavored cookie completely covered with a thin layer of chocolate. Its most characteristic feature is its super crunchy consistency, and the chocolate flavor remains in the mouth.

It has a nutritional contribution of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, in addition to calcium, iron and vitamin C. It is available in the presentation of a 30g package, the box of 240g (8 bags) and 540g (18 bags).

What is the history behind this product?

Danibisk is a company dedicated to the production of excellent quality Danish-style cookies and chocolate-dipped cookies, including “Palitos de chocolate” (chocolate sticks).

It was founded in 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela, and belongs to the company Alfonzo Rivas & CIA.

How do we consume it?

Because of its size and flavor, it is ideal for children’s snacks or to be included in a lunch box and eaten during breaks at work.


What is Rikomalt?

It is a chocolate malted beverage. It comes in 400 g and 900 g presentations. Also, it has a nutritional contribution of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and calcium.

What is the history behind this product?

Parmalat is the brand that produces markets and distributes Rikomalt. It is an Italian dairy and food company with a presence in different parts of the world.

Its beginnings come from Parma, Italy in 1961; however, it arrived in Venezuela in 1995, when it bought INDULAC, Industria Láctea Lechera.

How do we consume it?

This delicious chocolate-flavored drink is usually an excellent complement to savory breakfast or dinner meals.

For example, the sweet taste of Rikomalt combines perfectly with a Cachito de Jamón y Queso (a typical Venezuelan bread roll) or even with an Arepa with any filling.

But its consumption is not limited to savory meals, it can also be eaten as an afternoon snack, with a sweet cookie, and even with a portion of Panettone, during the Christmas season.


What is Flaquito?

It is a sweet and crunchy wafer covered with milk chocolate and filled with hazelnut cream.

The nutritional contribution of this sweet is carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as calcium and iron.

It is available in the presentation of 2 units (30g each), 4 units (120g) and 8 units (240g).

What is the history behind this product?

Chocolates St. Moritz is a company created in Venezuela in 1989, dedicated to the production of chocolates, bonbons and chocolate figures.

They are characterized by the production of dark chocolate, sugar-free chocolate and chocolate-covered nuts, among others.

Several brands are included in the Chocolates St. Moritz catalog, among them, the Flaquito brand.

How do we consume it?

Flaquito is ideal for any occasion when you want to enjoy a sweet treat. You probably won’t want to share your Flaquito, because it comes with the perfect size and flavor for individual consumption.

Finally, why do we love to eat Chocolate Venezolano? Because of its taste, texture, and the nutrients it provides for the body to perform our daily activities with the best attitude.

It has been reported that cocoa consumption prevents cardiovascular disorders and stimulates the body’s defenses. So we don’t need more reasons to consume the best cocoa, in any presentation we want. What are you waiting for?


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