Discover the Venezuelan-made snacks that are massively consumed.

It is not an open secret that Venezuelans are entrepreneurs and very capable of learning from different international flavors to be able to sponsor them as if they were our own with that unique touch that characterizes and values us as a home product.

However, Venezuela has also had a series of food companies and especially local snacks that have been a flagship in the interior of the country, in addition to being highly valued and requested abroad.

Why are these snacks so famous?

This has been for different reasons, perhaps because of that set of incomparable flavors that they maintain and that produce nostalgia in any Venezuelan who is in a country other than their own, or because of the simple fact of a reputation earned through effort and dedication from the beginning.

Less than 60 years of history, as is the case of the Once Once Company whose name refers to its date of birth, being November 11, 1960 in Caracas specifically, stating that it has been baking a series of snacks for the past for more than 5 decades, maintaining the quality of its products and respecting the original recipes from the beginning.

Every Venezuelan knows this brand for the importance it maintained in childhood and with the strong distribution of its products with such well-known slogans as “grow with you”, which is directly linked to children and how their snacks will always accompany them.

There is also his charismatic and friendly character that is unrecognizable to all Venezuelans, who are called Oncito and who undoubtedly draws an involuntary smile on the face of any buyer who only thinks of him.

Not only Once Once has won this position, the company Alfonso Rivas & CIA also takes place, which since its birth has already maintained some 100 years of accompaniment to the Venezuelan not only with snacks.

But with products focused on the market of herbs and spices, sauces and tea, or the well-known 105-year-old American Maizina leader in the Venezuelan market, forming part of the pantries of the country’s homes and being an important product for the country’s sweet home.

But here we are to talk about sweets and snacks, that is why we will let you know different products of great importance in the country made by these 2 companies and that you will undoubtedly love for their rich flavors and diversity between each of them.


What is an Once Once?

We start from Once Once products, specialists in the preparation of cakes, this type of product being the main base of other more diverse and completely different flavors.

The Homemade Cake is an example of this since it is a Venezuelan cake, round and of about 600 grams, very exquisite that completely simulates the flavor of vanilla, being soft, fluffy and with a golden layer plus a subtle touch of orange that transmits a flavor that represents love and the taste of home.

There is also its Christmas variation that highlights a contrast between the brownie, its pieces of nuts and its delicious candied fruits.

What other presentations exists?

There is also the Panque, that tasty rectangular slice of the fluffy vanilla cake, whose vanilla-flavored sponge cake seeks to be a delight for the palate of each person, there is also its variation marbling with chocolate, these being the second-best known and loved product by the company’s consumers, just below the little jars, which are mini cakes filled with intense vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavor depending on their presentation.

Then the cupcakes take place, being a classic of the Once Once brand, as rounded vanilla cakes without cover and presented by the usual white wax cups.

To end with Once Once, we want to mention the doraditos, for being a less known product but just as rich for being elongated sweet cookies with vanilla flavor, super ideal to enjoy on any occasion, or the guava crostatin, which is a Type cake. Crispy and toasted biscuit filled with delicious guava jam.


What about the company Alfonso Rivas & CIA?

Let’s start now with the company Alfonso Rivas & CIA who have always accompanied us at breakfasts and especially at snacks with their sensational cereals, of which they are very knowledgeable.

Proof of this has been the very famous Maizoritos, which is a line of cereals that offers a wide range of options based on corn flakes, oats, or nuts depending on the presentation, launched in 2000 through the Cronch Flakes and the Sugary, and later expanding with Fruty Aros, Pop Cronch, Choco Safari, among others.

Flips cereals, the most popular cereal in Venezuelan households

However, its success in the field of cereals has been carried out by a brand outside the Maizoritos, it is the Flips cereal; that they are the best-known line of cereals in Venezuela and that any foreigner who manages to consume loves because they have been promoted because they not only work as breakfasts when they are combined with milk, but they have highlighted since 2006 that they are the only cereals in the country that can be eaten as a snack.


What are the flips?

The flips are an expanded cereal based on rice, wheat and oats enriched with vitamins and minerals, which are presented in the form of pads; currently filled with chocolate, sweet milk, double chocolate or coconut.

They were launched on the market in 1993 and since then they have maintained a close relationship with their consumer’s thanks to their constant image changes and the different special editions that they have put on sale since despite containing their most popular flavor such as chocolate flips.

Have flooded the markets with variations such as those mentioned or those that expired such as the strawberry flavor, the Christmas and Halloween presentation, or the twist version that contains a combination of chocolate flips and sweet milk flips.

The brands Once Once and Flips have accompanied Venezuelan palates for several decades; maintaining flavors faithful to the originals at all times and being products of the Venezuelan workforce that have been so tasty and varied that they have earned their recognition as products appreciated abroad and recognized as flagship brands of Venezuelan sweets at all times.

Now that you know them better, you cannot miss their sensational flavors, do not forget all their presentations, since each one is very worthwhile and you can undoubtedly pamper your palate and that of your loved ones.


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